Bay2Sierra Silicon Services LLC
About Us

We are a front end design services organization with a broad range of talents and experiences.  We are currently comprised of two principal engineers ( John Peck and Steve Novak ) with over 40 years of industry experience. 

John and Steve have worked on a wide range of production parts including – AMD 486,K5, K6 and K7 processors; K7 chipset, MIPS processors, 802.11b wireless, AMBA protocols, ADSL, CMTS, 10G Ethernet switch and PHY, custom network processors, NVRAM subsystems, Smart meters, SOC design and integration, and next generation PLDs.

In addition, we also provide IP services (IP portfolio review, infringement cases/expert reports) and business due diligence for investment or acquisition.

We have a wide collection of independent contractors that work with us to round out our skill set, including analog design, PCB layout, technical documentation and additional design verification resources.